Case Studies – Jeff Wall

Jeff Wall


  • Canadian Photographer born in Vancouver 1946
  • Originally from Vancouver, he moved to London as he met his wife in Vancouver and as she is English, they moved with their two sons.
  • Exhibited work internationally for 25 years, had a big role in creating photography as a contemporary art form
  • Best known for his large-scale colour transparencies in light boxes.
  • Wall’s work is categorised into two categories, documentary and cinematographic.
  • He uses tableaux in his work to show a mixture of natural beauty, urban decay as the backdrop.
  • While Wall is known for large-scale, in the early 1990s he became interested in still life’s.
  • Personally, I thing that wall was influenced by painters such as William Hogarth as he painted everyday scenes what showed crowds of people in on particular space. By comparing the two I can see that the mood is the same in both of their works.
  • Wall is still working today in London.


250px-Jeffwall070305_560 250px-Picture_for_Women 200px-Jeff_Wall_Mimic


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