Case Studies – Eugene Delacroix

Eugene Delacroix

  • Delacroix was born in April 1798.
  • He was an important romantic painter who used expressive brushstrokes to show it in his work.
  • When he was working he liked to focus on movement and colour in his work and show form with clear outlines.
  • Influenced by the works of Lord Byron.
  • Born in a town near pairs, Delacroix was the son of Charles-Francois and Victoire Oeben and had three siblings.
  • It was in 1822 when Delacroix made his first painting of The Barque of Dante , Two years later he gained recognition for his work The Massacre at Chios
  • The Massacre at Chios was his most famous painting that had a lot of meaning to it involving the Greeks and French at the time
  • In 1826 he started to experiment with different painting techniques and began making more romantic artworks. In 1825 he created some lithographs that illustrated shakespere.
  • Personally, I believe his work refects on the time of the paintings and the social scene of the era.
  • He died August 13 1863 in Paris

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