Retouching is a process of editing. This is photo manipulation, which simply means altering or changing something on an image. For example, if you see a spot on a models face that you want to eliminate you can use the spot healing tool on Photoshop to erase it.

Some people are happy with the retouching process and see it as a skill however, some see the photo as a lie because it is not a realistic photo of someone/someplace. Most people are against it because of the unrealistic expectations that it pressures people to be. When you see a celebrity magazine on the shelves in a supermarket it is more than likely that images inside have been edited. This then creates an unreal view on an individual and this is why retouching is frowned upon. However, I find it good to tidy hair or spots up on photoshop so that aspects like that are not distracting or make the image look odd.

I have decided to research into retouching because I want to be able to remove any red spots on the faces of my models or any stray hairs on their head. I feel this will help the look of my images and make them look tidier.

Therefore I decided to watch some youtube videos and see how other photographers retouch their images.

After watching these I produce some images in the studio. For this image I decided to do a unique lighting technique as it would highlight around the models head and I could edit any stray hair out.

At first I started with the RAW image in camera raw and then started to edit the image.


I decided to edit out a red spot on his forehead and tidy up the hair around his beard.

First, I made another layer named retouch to show me the effect that my retouching has had on the image. This is helpful because I can effectively see what impact I am making.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 16.29.59

After researching this subject and practise on some old images I have decided that I prefer to use the patch tool to retouc. This is because you can select an area as you can see above and then move it so it clones with another space. However, both the spot healing and patch tool have their good and bad qualities.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 16.30.20

The result of this is clearer skin without blemishes as you can see above. The next step was to clear some stray hair on the models skin above his beard.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 16.30.59

As you could imagine, this takes time and can get irritating but the final image is worth it because it is a clean image without distractions. Once I had made all the changes that I thought it needed, I changed it to black and white to add more drama to the image. Overall, this research has taught me how to be efficient at retouching on photoshop, I am happy I chose this to research as it will help me in the future with my photography.




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19 YO Studying photography at Blackburn UNI
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