Photoshop Actions

Photoshop Actions

Actions are used so you can easily repeat a process that you have taken to edit an image. Photoshop will record what you are doing to an image so that you can come back to it another time and do it to another photograph without having to go through each step. Some actions can be more in-depth and more information can be included in them and this is why actions can be helpful when editing. This is useful for photographers such as wedding photographers as they can get more and save time doing it.

I decided to watch youtube videos on actions to get a better feel of how to create them. One video I watched was:

 I found this video very helpful as it goes through all the steps to create an action and how to load and save them. This then made me want to start to make my own, I thought that I would start small and then possibly make a more advanced version.

Therefore, I have decided to do a shoot and create a black and white action. I have decided to create a black and white one as I find this most effective as you can really see how it works.

For my shoot I plan to go to Kemple End woods to do a shoot inspired by Ralph Eugene Meatyard. I have decided to do this because I was inspire by the mystery and how unique the images he created were. Also, they were quite different as they had quite a thrilling feel to them. I will be using smoke bombs to create smoke in my images as it fits with the Meatyard theme. On the day of the shoot I will have two models with unusual masks and outfits on this is to create the unusual look. I will be using my DSLR as I will need to think fast when the smoke moves with the wind and I will be able to do this easily using my digital camera.

On the day of the shoot we drove up to Kemple End, once we arrived we searched for the perfect spot to set off the smoke bombs. We found quite an open space in the woods and decided it was the right place. Once we let the smoke bombs off it I had to think fast and follow the smoke so that I got the most out of it. I had 2 smoke bombs and I feel these made the shoot look a lot more mysterious.

When I took this photo into photoshop I started to produce a photoshop action. I did this by selecting my actions bar at the top where it says ‘window’.  After this I created a new set and then I could create a new Action. This then records what I do to the image, you can see this at the layers section on the bottom right of the screenshot below. Once I have recorded what I wanted to do I am able to stop that recording to finish the action. Once you have created an action you can save it and use it on other images.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 16.30.26

My final image for this research method is:


Using this action I have decided to edit these images as a set. Here are a few more:


Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 16.30.59


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